Technical Supports

Product Description

Wire rope buckle and the connection between the wire rope is very close, in the use of lifting operation is very broad. In our use of this product is what should be noticed in the process of doubt?

First, in the process of we use, demand will give goods u-bolt to tighten, and internal demand of wire rope for partial pressure to a third degree. Because in the process of restricted deformation, so we still need in the process of the force on the second of tight, so also can let will be to ensure that the joint strong sex.

Second, fixed wire rope in our side, there are two ways to for our selection and application. A is after this knot method, the other one way is single knot.

What is a single set of knot? To use this way to the ends of the goods, and if this knot, mainly for fixed rope. Clip used must be suitable thickness of goods, cannot make clear distance adjustment is too large.

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