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Wire rope is usually to operate in the wild, so often on wire rope sand soil, etc., once the glue is adding wire rope and the wheel groove wear and tear, so for the wire rope must use high viscosity lubricating oil regularly, to reduce or reduce the wire rope and pulley wheel groove and the groove drum wheel wear.

Wire rope are easy to loss of products, there are several ways on the surface of steel wire is the most easy to fracture, such as long time of wear, bending, torsion, corrosion, etc., are often easy to internal staff to ignore the extrusion are also prone to broken wires, therefore must cause enough attention.

Consider replacement of wire rope has the following kinds:

1, the surface of the steel wire rope has a few root or blame the whole wire began to fracture

2, the surface of the steel wire rope began to local or significant concave convex shape

3, when the deformation of wire rope has a reverse and external appeared a lot of broken wire

Use in accordance with the rules, strict operation and execution in construction process, cherish and maintain screw drivers wire rope, extend the time limit, to exert potential maximum utilization, wire rope for wire rope is the essential purpose of a series of protective measures in order to for developers, able to reduce production cost, improve the efficiency of the construction for the subcontracted, can more quick, health and safety of green construction. Can be seen from small details, screw drivers of wire rope for maintenance and maintenance how much interests and benefits.

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