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Round Anchor
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Product Description

YJM anchor tension side anchor series include:YJM 13 Anchorage,BJM13 flat anchor(for 12.9mm,12.7mm PC strand),YJM15 Anchorage,BJM15 flat anchor(for 15.2-15.7mm PC strand),YJM18 anchor(for 18.5mm PC strand,17.8),M22 anchor(for 22mm,21.6mm PC strand),YJM tension-type anchor,including the work of anchor plate terminal.Work clip,anchor plate,spiral ribs,the use of YCQQ series of jacks and ZB4/500 high-pressure pump to tension.

YJM Anchor consists of anchor head, bearing plate, anchor wedge, spiral reinforcement ,plastic or metal corrugated ducts, PC strands(PC wire bundle).The products can be divided into two types according to their strand diameters: YJM13 and YJM15.

YJM round anchorage system is mainly used for pre-tensioned, post-tensioned construction in prestressed concrete structures and components which is currently China –led prestressing anchorage system. Our round anchorage system including work of anchor plate terminal,work clip,and spiral ribs.  YJM 13 serie round anchorage suit for 12.7mm-15.2mm strand and YJM 15 series round anchorage suit for 15.2mm-15.7mm strand

Material: Steel, 40Cr/C45
Model Number: YJM 13/15 series
Hardness of work wedge(HRC): 50~100
Certificate: ISO,BV,SGS
Number of holes: 1-55 hole

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