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  • Integral Anchor
  • Integral Anchor
Product Description

It is a kind of integrated anchor of nodular cast iron, the anchor ring and sleeve shaped plate be made one, a conjoined anchor ring, connecting anchor ring is a conical hole in the middle of the steel strand, the outer ring has at least two convex wing, smooth connection between two convex wing ends with sealing ring groove, peripheral flange the shape is rectangular or circular, convex wing ribs. The utility model is made of ductile cast iron material, the traditional anchor ring and plate greatly simplifies the be made one, machining process, complicated anchorage processing has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, good sealing performance, reduce the cost of more than 20%, applicable to unbonded post tension construction. 

Material: Cast iron
Model Number: YJM series
Hardness of work wedge(HRC): 50~100
Certificate: ISO,BV,SGS
Number of holes: single hole

Size: Normally 12.7mm and 15.2mm pe coated pc strand(can be customized) 

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