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Barrel and Wedge
  • Barrel and Wedge
  • Barrel and Wedge
  • Barrel and Wedge
  • Barrel and Wedge
Product Description

  • Barrel and wedge general specification:2pcs or 3pcs

  • Material of barrel and wedge is 20CrMnTi

  • Hardness of work wedge is HRC50-65

  • Type of wedge: 2pcs or 3pcs

  • Material of Work wedge: 20CrMnTi

  • Anchor Efficiency: ≥0.95

  • Hardness of work wedge: HRC50-65

  • Color: Galvanization/Black/ Steel

Prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge are designed and manufactured under quality control program to meet international standards. 

Prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge consists of stress-end anchorage, fixed-end (dead-end )anchorage, plastic or metal corrugated duct, coupler and PC strand.

Prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge mating strands with various diameters: YJM13 for strand diameter 12.5/12.7/12.9mm, YJM15 for strand diameter 15.24/15.3/15.7mm, YJM18 for strand diameter 17.8mm, YJM22 for strand diameter 21.8mm.

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Feature of prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge 

1.Adapatable for strand which with various strength such as 1570/1670/1770/1860/2000 MPaand various diameters.

2.Full range of tendon sizes are availabel(1-55 strands and larger sizes are available on request).

3.No need to determine strand length in advance.

4.High anchoring coefficient, reliable and stable.

For YJM post-tensioning system:

Anchor coefficient:  ηa≥0.95

Total strain at ultimate tensile force:   εapu≥2%

5.simple and reliable equipment for installation, tensioning and grouting.

Application of prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge 


1. Prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge can be used efficiently in all applications of Building and Civil Engineering works including 

Building floor slabs

Bridge girders

Tanks and Silos

many other applications

2. The prestressed concrete anchor barrel and wedge are commonly used in bridge construction as well as other civil Engineering structures such as Silo, Water tank etc.

The systems are normally adopted for bonded tendons. The tendons consist of a bundle of strand with a nominal diameter of 0.5" (12.7 mm.) or 0.6" (15.2 mm.).

3. The strands are individually gripped in one anchor head unit and transmits their prestressing force by means of anchor plate casting unit type M.

4. For each anchor size a special spiral reinforcement is provided at the anchor plate casting to give adequate splitting reinforcement for burstling stresses developed at the anchorage zone.

5. The strands in tendon are stressed simultaneously by means of a multi strand stressing jack from capacity 1,100 KN up to 5,000 KN. In case of small size tendon unit such as type M405 the strands can also be stressed individually by means of mono jack. 

6.To ensure corrosion protection and to give adequate bond strength, the tendons are filled with suitable cement grout mix after complete stressing of the strands.

Barrel and wedge are used for round or flat anchorage ,YJM round anchorage system is mainly used for pre-tensioned, post-tensioned construction in prestressed concrete structures and components which is currently China –led prestressing anchorage system. Our round anchorage system including work of anchor plate terminal,work clip,and spiral ribs. YJM 13 serie round anchorage suit for 12.7mm-15.2mm strand and YJM 15 series round anchorage suit for 15.2mm-15.7mm strand

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