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Product Description

The infinite continuous wire rope tractor traction long distance in a state of running resistance is bigger. Prestressing force in the design, the design is too large, if the pre-tightening force trains running load from the tensioner is perigee, tensioning system work in the limit state of gravity, the tension failure, caused by traction package glue rope slipping, even such as car accidents. Design is too small, if the pre-tightening force trains running load from the tensioner is apogee, tensioning system work in the on-line limit state, the deformation of wire rope passing tensioning device, traction rope is flabby, easy to cause the vehicle bump, derailment or overturned, may also be caused by extrusion, tensile steel wire rope.

Qishan coal mine in coal face during the installation, use of endless rope continuous tractor, roping smoothly stents and other large material equipment, does not appear skid and loose rope phenomenon, put an end to all kinds of vehicle derailment, rollover accidents, use effect is remarkable.

Wire rope system due to elastic deformation and the elongation of the part, at the same time provide tension winch, ensure the wire rope on the roll of rope drum rope lining has the stability of the positive pressure, normal traction winch, without skidding on warping cylinder wire rope. Based on the working resistance, traction and tension analysis, in the nose advocated tight system design for heavy hammer; The device provides two kinds of steel wire rope, pretightening segments compensation, one group of tension is selected via experiment, 500 kg, used to absorb more than the near in time provide pre-tightening force of rope to the winch.

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