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With the development of society and amusement facilities has been deeply the general public recreation environment, cableway is the one of the more popular. Steel rope as an important component of passenger ropeway, guarantee the life of the cableway and played a crucial role in safe operation. But in the process of application, due to the use of steel wire frequency is different, different models, makes the steel wire are there is a hidden trouble, affects the safety of the people. So must improve the quality of ropeway safety and running start from the steel rope, its main problems, steel rope rust caused by quality problems. This problem is mainly caused by the steel rope is exposed to the air for a long time, rust-proof oil leakage, no in time to make wire and antirust processing, lead to wire the lack of protection and rust, wet from the rain, all the year round at the same time if the rope without proper maintenance, rust problem not been solved, can cause more serious problems. Exposed steel wire core, deformation and other problems, these problems are in the process of steel wire stranding molding, were not found in the process of installation, steel wire bending problem is also need to be aware of. Abnormal wire damage, often affected by abnormal force steel rope abnormal damage; In some welding operations will cause certain damage to steel rope, easy to cause the steel rope burns; Steel wire wear problem to be reckoned with, perennial wear will cause the wire rope life is reduced, can also lead to more problems.

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